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Red roses are my poem

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Red Roses are my Poem

Red roses are my poem
It's my soul, it's my home
Blossoming in my thoughts
Overcoming my fears

Poems are mysterious words
Honed and beautified swords
It gambles in my head
The troubles that I need

It's the scream of silence
Poems don't need pretense
It's my written sadness
A warm mystique fondness

Poems are my tear
The noise you can't hear
Written in a starry night
Brimming when the moon shines bright

The words are from my heart
In my poems you are a part
It's the words I wanted to say
In my specialized way

My roses are in blue
Why poems are made for you?
It's deep in my soul
My poem is my all.

© 2019 Crezyl

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