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Red-White-Red Flags

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A flag of a country is usually a piece of fabric with a prescribed design. It is usually displayed from a flagpole and is used as an identity of a country and its people. It is one of the most respected symbols for any country and the symbol of freedom and sovereignty.

This article is about facts and poems for the national flags of three countries — Austria, Lebanon, and Peru — that have red, white, and red motifs.

Banner of Austria

Banner of Austria

The flag of Austria is made up of three equal horizontal bands of red, white, and red. It was founded in 1230 and is one of the oldest flags in the world. According to a legend, the flag was derived from the white cloth of a duke that got stained by the blood during a war. The only unstained part is the one that was covered by the belt. When he removed his belt, he saw the red-white-red pattern. He found it striking and used it as heraldry.

Austrian banner

Your country was flooded with blood,

A never-ending war, peace sucked,

Cursed by grieving and suffering,

How to escape this evil thing?

Born in a violent manner,

Bloodied cloth became a banner,

Founded in the Medieval Age,

The emblem of strength and courage.

Witnessed by the long history,

The victory of your country,

Defeated the dark yesterday,

Bad nightmares have vanished away.

Banner of Lebanon

Banner of Lebanon

The banner of Lebanon is comprised of a horizontal red-white-red horizontal pattern with a green cedar tree in the center. The white field with a tree is inspired by the Lebanon Mountain that is covered with snow where most of the plants that grow there are cedar trees. The white color also means purity and peace. The cedar tree symbolizes Maronite Christians, as the plant referenced in various biblical passages. It represents happiness, prosperity, eternity, and holiness. The red stripes mean the bloodshed of the people who fought for independence.

Lebanese Banner

Like hyena, it also has stripes,

Down to earth and peace-loving type,

Defaced with a mountain with snow,

Show in a row and feel wind blows.

With cedar tree, symbol of life,

Under its shade, people play fife,

Folks sing for the fabric of pride,

Loves of patriots never hide.

Red bands resembling phoenix trace,

And these creatures want to embrace;

Love to hug and kiss this color,

Even its shine becomes duller.

The flag of Peru has three equal vertical bands of red, white, and red. The red color represents bloodshed for Independence and bravery of the people, whereas, the white color means justice and peace. This flag has three principal variants — national flag, state flag, or war flag. Depending on usage, various coats of arms or family crest can be added to the center of the white band.

Peruvian Banner

From the pole, happily display,

Dancing with wind, love how you sway,

Fly high, seeing the whole nation,

rich in culture and tradition.

Stands for the land of the Incas,

the home of humble alpacas;

Resembling Amazon River,

between fields of Cantu flowers.

A Latin flag of hope and love,

Like tunki bird flying above,

The emblem of peace and freedom,

Holding the prudence and wisdom.

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