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August's Blood Moon Lagoon

One night, the Moon cast its company into the waters of Blood Moon Lagoon. By the clues of the moon I made a choice


August's Blood Moon Lagoon

The August Blood Moon

Cast its tint over the water like a blanket of blood

Another reflection in the murk:

Off to the left was the Warrior Planet

Lending its rusty hue to the sanguine scene

How fitting!

I'm blending and bleeding

Having excoriated the heart I carried

"Was it mine or his?" I wondered aloud

"It's over," said the Moon.

I pitched my burden into the red stillness

The vision was frozen in my bones

I'm alive and heartless in this bayou rouge.

My companions, the diving bats

And big-bellied mosquitoes.

Cast in Carnelian stone, I'll not die,

The trade-off: Eternity and the Thirst.

Nothing to hold me down.

Whish, the waters move

Burying the weight of the heart.

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