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Red Lips Waiting

My Red Lips


Red lips so full,

Waits for passion's pull,

Lips will be satisfied, swollen, and with cravings to repeat,

Flowing like lava’s passion heat.

Touching fingers through the screen door

Until you return to me, love me more.

My darling, I will be,

Unless you set me free.

To roam and wonder,

Who put our love asunder?

What part of love remains?

It is not I who proclaims,

That our love will forever be,

It is you, my love, not me.

I have no time to speculate,

I will be late for my date.

Did you say wait?

Not for a gigolo do I hesitate.

You left the best for me,

You can go for a long swim in the sea.

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter