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Red Flags

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


five years

i’ve been with my girlfriend for five years

some would equate the length of it

to think it would be filled with sheer

happiness and bliss


is a lie

yes, we try

to look the part

as a happy couple

but i don’t even remember what happiness is with her

and her feelings towards me does not differ

people continuously say i’m showering in luck

to be with someone who makes others starstruck

sure, on the surface she seems beautiful

but you must view the full


she is not a healing elixir

but a severely toxic mixture

prone to manipulate

always spreading hate

repeatedly spewing sass

constantly bringing up the past

never wiping the slate


paints me as a fiend

constantly green

with envy

can we

rewind time

back when we were happy kids in love

now nothing is ever enough

for her


it’s not all bad

there are remnants

of that wonderful past

but those days are few and far between

they never last

you’d think i’m in love with the red flags

since we’ve been together for so long


i want to leave

i truly do

my life has been filled grief

good days few

i yearn for some relief

this relationship: i am through

but i can’t go

even though i may never be happy again

even though i may have a future destined to be damned

even though i may end

up dead

due to the dread

she inflicts

am i sick?


my mind has been wared and teared

from being paired

with the devil’s favorite demon


if that’s the case

there’s a more probable answer to put in its place:

i’m scared to be alone

though being with her is a battle

as she abuses me

and uses me

like cattle

i will never tattle

and i will never leave

simply grieve

in silence

till i am no more


i have someone

and that’s all that matters

but that’s just me

a person you should not imitate


yourselves above me

trust me

my story may be sad

but that’s why you must pay attention

to the red flags

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