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Poem - Sonnets From My Heart

I love to write my thoughts in rhymes, I even write free verse sometimes. I alway hope to hit one's heart when someone reads my small A art

Red dancing shoes

Red dancing shoes

I can't recall that we stood eye in eye,
or that I even knew you were alive.
Until the day you choose to fly up high,
a moment, only spirits can survive.

Though somehow in that moment we have met,
because my dear, you're wearing your red shoes,
to dance in Heaven on the ballroom set,
my soul will join you in the dance of blues.

Then, when I looked into your dark brown eyes,
I saw a smile as if a light was lit.
You whispered softly to my big surprise,
"I was afraid, you know, they wouldn't fit".

And I could only laugh in knowledge of
that dancing shoes - in red- constist of love.

With each season, we're slowly growing old

With each season, we're slowly growing old

Slowly Growing Old

When summer ends her glorious colour bright,
the song of birds not heard at morning's dawn,
the fields are ploughed and shimmer in soft light,
little drops of dew covering mowed lawn.

All shades are dimmed to orange and dark brown,
the lambs have grown into their adulthood.
Maple trees proudly sport a golden crown,
those signs can never be misunderstood.

When sun sets in a flaming red farewell,
we know the change of seasons is right there,
that Autumn is about to cast its spell
and nature has a different tune to share.

Autumn's magestic coloured skies unfold,
with each season, we're slowly growing old.

Lost Friendship

I was hurt when you denied our friendship,
which had been close I thought for many years.
I used to tell you all my little secrets,
you were the one to go to with my fears.

Then suddenly you said I was no friend,
because I dared to tell you what was true.
You used my words and twisted them around,
so I was looking bad in stead of you.

You couldn't stand of not being the 'Queen',
got rid of those who would not walk your lane.
Then one by one, all friends were leaving you,
in loneliness you claimed we were insane.

It's been long time, but still you will not see,
that friendship is based on true integrity.

Lover's Lane

Lover's Lane

Lover's Lane - Italian Sonnet

I turn left, on this path of cobbled stone,
this ancient 'Lover's lane' is named so right,
Sweet memories of kisses in moon's light,
a meadow green, I notice trees have grown.
with carved-in names, who's owners I have known,
still feel strong arms, that held me rather tight,
and whisp'ring words of love were said at night,
in Lover's lane, one never walked alone.

The dreams I had, they didn't all come true,
I had to make my choices day by day,
but always tried to hold on to a few.
In Lover's lane I've learned to say my say,
which helped me when to older age I grew,
It will be gone, that ancient lane, one day.

My mom, 101 years old

My mom, 101 years old

Closed World - Italian Sonnet

Will you be there, when my world crumbles down
and when my soul is not what it should be.
When past and present take their liberty,
to spin my mind, just like the mill in town.
Will you please hold me, when I seem to drown,
in thoughts quite weird, but truly real to me.
My world is one, which no one else can see,
my fear will be your unbelief and frown.

By then I hope, you will embrace me tight
and tell me that the world is not that bad.
That you will stay and see me through the night,
while getting rid of demons in moon's light.
And I will tell the tales that roam my head,
not recognizing you, but then.....I might.

Rhyming scheme for an Italian Sonnet:

I Felt Just Like a Dame

I thought of you, in moonlight's silver glow,
this memory I drew out from the past.
A picture blurred and not framed neat at all,
but it's still mine and I think it will last.

It's been long time and you might not recall,
those lovely moments, there were only few.
I was in love and think you might have been,
we were as pure, as like new morning's dew.

I wonder now how you would look today,
we've aged in years and I forgot your name.
You kissed me when our teach was reading loud
and I, back then, I felt just like a dame.

It didn't last, you left me in the cold,
you were seven - and I was six years old.

© 2017 Titia Geertman

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