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Poems for Reconnecting With Nature

Poetry is a door to a new world for Jimmy. It gives him a place to speak his heart.



" Most of us have forgotten that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost connection with nature, it means that we have lost our connection to ourselves".

— the.awakenindigos

A Step Back to Yesterday

Across the valleys and down the slope

A narrow path rests as lonely old,

Chosen once more, it can only hope

That the passersby may take this gold,

Like animals love this biotope

Virgin grass and trees the mountains hold!

The many feet that merrily trod

Lost in the wind like no turning back,

Down to the city or in abroad

Not knowing what they have left in rack

Off they ventured in that lonely road

For noisy world, life is what they lack.

The mighty buildings that rise with pride

Won't be home to birds and daffodils

When time permits that they're both acquired

A cry you'll hear not a song for chills,

They'll find the way back like they are wired

Or bear a hole the world never fills.

When the many hearts are tired and sad

Look back, the aisle's clear now please be here

And sing the song you have missed so bad

As the stallions gaze and ease the fear

Watch the flowers dance just like a lad

Feel and breathe and smile don't lose a tear.

And one took it in mid-summer day

Without the dewdrops like silver gem

Oh, not the mist but the leaves that sway

Warm somebody's heart that warrants them

O'er the hills he sought the path that lay

And found the place for him 'tis the gem.

Both that day in summer melody

Sound the birds, Oh no they're not the trains

The bees buzz in search for honeybee

That they have kept from the pollen grains,

A music full of love and of glee

To heal the broken from all those pains.

To realize that he once was here

Brings the memories of joyful life

Made a way to live throughout each year

Without the sorrow that cuts a strife

Not an air that one will never bear

But a breeze soothing the nerves of life.

The narrow path saw the merriment

Accounts of the past forever live

In nature where we all are in rent

Bays, mountains, and fields will truly give

The desires of heart we all lament

Back to yesterday, connect and live



© 2020 Jimmy Bio Jr

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