"Reconciliation" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on May 30, 2016


I feel

The door

A jar

Twisting it open

Contorting through time and space

Stepping into the sun

Donning thy cap

Give me a rest from your glory

I am only a man

We, with 8 billion stories

Blood on our hands

Lies on our tongues

Flesh on thy bones

Just a man

Here I am

Put to death

Here I am

In this skin

Just a boy is all I've ever been

I will stay in touch

I will bid farewell

I will receive the lashes where I fell and get back up with a little help from my friends

Strength to carry on from above, and the strength that we have built up from within

I need a drink in this lonely desert

Will you not shower me with your love?

And caress my cares away with sin

I lie here guilty sir

Guilty is all I have ever been

You say so, and I say you are right

Our original recipe for disaster

Our conceptual Master plan

Awarded with sin, awarded with reconciliation

Hand in hand, we are the same

Each of us a role to play, it's such a silly game

And I am here, just this lump of sin

Guilty, how I feel, guilty how I've been

And I see a reflection

A spark that reminds me of you

Strength to walk the miles

A real tough cookie!

Ready to have some fun

Ready, we filled with grace

Ready, we the table, sitting at a familiar place

With new roles, for our old souls

New seats, saved

And still I love you more, yes, we can love in the heavens above

Reconciliation, coming of age, in the storm of understanding what it is to be loved


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 22 months ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Thank you very much Whonu, I'm glad you can feel the stepping out aspect and exhortion or venting of emotion, and then the regaining of composure and calm, and hopefully in the end, the discretional tone of the piece. Much appreciated.


    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 22 months ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Hi Manatita, I'm doing well, busy working and grinding, hope all is well with you.


    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 22 months ago from United States

      My friend Eric, you have the ability to step aside and allow your innermost feelings to escape into the sunlight and just as quickly, they are absorbed once more inside where they await another turn. whonu

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 22 months ago from london

      A very necessary tool sometimes: reconciliation. How are you, Bro? Much Love.