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Reclaim your Sanity

Princess loves to express her ideas through writing. She is also an educator and a dreamer.


When the going gets tough -- pause and stand.

When the money runs low -- breath in, breath out, move, work, think.

When relationships crumble -- reflect and talk.

When the mind is confused -- sleep, eat and pray.

When life becomes restless -- rest and relive wonderful memories.

You can run, walk, crawl, swim -- but do not quit.

Do not quit believing, dreaming, working.

Do not quit loving, hoping, fighting.

One day it will all make sense, victory is waving and waiting.

Learn to evaluate, to relax, to reflect.

It’s okay to end relationships and move on,

It’s okay to reclaim your sanity.

Cry if you must, rest if you must, but don’t stop.

Don’t stop living, writing, dancing, singing.

Your story is about to unfold and is about to be heard.

Smile, unwind, cook, plant something.

Talk to friends, sip your favorite coffee, listen to music.

Pause and wonder at the beauty of the stars.

Walk with your dog, talk to your cat.

Reclaim your sanity in the craziest way-- silence.

Shout, exercise, swim, hike, watch your favorite movie.

Reclaim your childhood, your adulthood -- embrace your flaws and limitations.

Reclaim your identity that’s stolen by the noisy buzz of memes, quotes, and posts.

It’s ok to be different, to be odd, to be weird.

Reclaim your sanity-- live life to the fullest.

© 2021 Princess Nel-Ann Olo

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