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Reckless Guarantee


Two old souls reconnecting the new dots.

Reforming constellations that joined us together in the first place.

You asked me if I believed in soulmates, as if you already knew my answer.

We spoke of how strange it was to think of love as nothing more than finding the person you wanted to be addicted to for the rest of your life.

We said the rest of your life is a long time to be addicted to someone.

We didn’t know the rest of your life is never as long as expected.

The future was laid out exactly how we planned it seven years before, and we signed our names on the dotted line.

We filled our suitcases with love, instead of baggage that no longer served purpose.

Our minds moved faster than our feet could carry us; call it a toxic trait, I call it a reckless guarantee.

You promised you’d never leave my side again; here I am without you, and nothing to blame but circumstance.

This morning the birds chirped.

This morning the sun rose.

This morning I wondered if you loved it as much as I did.