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Recaliberating My Inner Ford Mustang

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Many people believed that men place too much importance on cars

Loved them much more than their wives or significant others

Even giving them female names and a lot of TLC

Spending a boatload of money for their cars

To obtain the prettiest and craziest hubcaps alive

Also the most expensively custom ones ever made

Look at how many endless hours they spent tinkering away

At sometimes the unattainable need for the ultimate perfection

A driving machine so attractive that every car thief will want to

Steal it and destroy it for the parts much to the dismay of many

Time to see what all the fuss was about for these fancy automobiles

The ultimate one sided romance between man and machine

Working together in perfect harmony on Route 66

Looking for adventure on the literally open road

One touch of a strong right foot from the pinnacle speed demon

And the RPM goes completely berserk with delight

Doing wheelies on an endless dirt road for countless hours

Imitating Lightning McQueen from the Cars movies

Having a blast pretending not to have a care in the world

Just a ton of torque and an engine that purred like a lion

Had the exterior spray painted a dark classic red

That screamed dangerous and full of wild adventures

Leading its drivers to paths full of wide curves ahead of them

One flash of the mustang running logo and you'll be off

Test driving it off the car lot for much longer than intended

Driving it to places that would freak out many white bread car dealers

Terrifying them by going down roads darker than most would travel

Left behind a few token reminders of the journey for the next rider

Good and bad.

A few bumps and bruises along the fender; as well as two minor paint chips

Found a dead bat in the belfry; rather the undercarriage

Not sure where it came from, but glad it didn't cause permanent damage

Ready for ideal Spring weather to roll around

Time to take the top down and drive to Seaside Heights

Show off the new ride and the driver along with it.

Maybe, the driver will have another passenger along with him.

If not, let's hope he finds happiness with that Mustang of his.

Since, that's the only romance he'll likely find.

Won't judge the illogical nature of the relationship

Takes all kinds of ways to find happiness; even with a custom car.

The picture of perfection and obsession.

The picture of perfection and obsession.

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