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Rebelling Against the Norm

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Been brought up from birth to respect authority

Given a certain level of affinity to your elders

What happens when those people were less certain

Should we still respect them when they know just as much

Or even less than the regular folks looking to them for answers

Social media advising the world how to behave in 100 odd characters

Hard to declare a point in such tight constraints

Left room for a lot of questionable interpretation and pot stirring

Sure, some who use social media should keep opinions to themselves

How their actions can have dire consequences

Back to the larger issue at hand

Trying to understand how some can simply rebel

Going against the largest of grains with ease

While others cowl in fear over being exposed by Big Brother

Terrified of authority so much that they say yes regardless

Bowing their heads to the point where they question it

Wondering if their individuality really mattered in the end

Just a little fish swimming in the largest fresh water tank

Searching for Nemo and Dory with vast difficulty

Frightening the lengths that people will go to prove a point

Violence being the worst conclusion possible

Left damage to human life and public morale

Going to such extremes never the proper answer

True that the status quo needed to be shaken up

Also, aware that Rome wasn't built in 24 hours

Patience and persistence helped to win any long standing races

Wondered when some form of a Utopic reality will happen

Understanding that perfection was just an illusion

Would simply like logic and reason to come into play

Not being poisoned by uncertain and paranoid ravings

Coming from media outlets trying to be "fair and balanced"

Time to turn off the television and the computer

Going outside with a mask and facing the world

That's the true test at large

How to protect yourself and others living a semi-normal life

Being kind to others and not getting left out in the cold

Being happy is relative to living your best life possible

Even in a pandemic, such as this.

Easier said than done.

Searching for Dory and Nemo easier than finding a way to swim against the tide.

Searching for Dory and Nemo easier than finding a way to swim against the tide.


heather92383 (author) from Mt. Laurel, NJ on January 31, 2021:

Agreed. Respect is important in such times of uncertainty. We should follow the rules by wearing the masks and not try to fall down rabbit holes that come up whenever someone posts a dubious tweet.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 30, 2021:

I love your words in this poem.

It is so true that it should stay off social media. We all see what happened when Donald tweeted.

Let alone the millions of tweets & posts shared daily...they stir up a lot if anger.

I would rather put on my mask & face the realtiy that is staring me in the face. Although..it's invisible.

But respect is important. We should respect others..just not get violent if we disagree.

Kathy Henderson from Pa on January 30, 2021:

Heather -

I enjoyed this read. Very honest, and Moravian is close to me. We must be neighbors. I appreciate your heart in this piece.

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