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Desperation cries out to vagrant voices unknown,

Silenced against icy hollow hope,

Which shelters a wounded heart,

Within this grieving wrecked soul.

Many seek solace in the warmth of lies,

Which offer a blanket to realities cruel truths.

Yet the lies we build crack, crumble and fade,

Under the pressure of these intense horrors to which we are condemned.

Fresh tears newly awash these spirited dreams,

Beseeching for a life anew,

To eradicate all ailing fear, strain and sorrow.

That this body may find earthly reprieve,

With a mind reawakened to the verity of its own value.

Though time however relentlessly bitter,

Can succeed to be subdued.

When light instils sincere affability,

Into our most requisite moments,

So that loves virtues may again exist within you.

© 2021 Alana Bembridge