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Reasons for Anxiety and Worry

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Brenda's 39th Word Prompt

Our friend Brenda has thoughtfully given us a 39th prompt, which is anxiety. She continues on despite the changes in the new format for Hubpages.

Anxiety is worry and an unrest that is usually worthless. We worry about problems that haven’t occurred yet quite often. The worry tends to concern an uncertain outcome for something we consider important. Anxiety can become excessive and even cause panic attacks. This worry tends to be out of proportion to the event’s impact. Some people with excessive worry or anxiety get counseling or their physician puts them on an antidepressant.

The poms below are three possible reasons as to why people experience anxiety.

Anxiety Over State Test

This first poem is about a girl that is a college graduate but has to pass a difficult state board test.

Cindy worked hard for her degree

Now she had to pass the state test

She studied hard but was unsure

Her anxiety increased, she had no rest

As the days got closer to the state test

She couldn’t sleep or have any peace

Studying all the time, she was scared

Cindy wanted her anxiety to decrease

Worry and tears filled her long nights

A study guide she devoured with glee

Only two days now until the state test

Worry was useless do you not see

Anxiety and worry does not help

Wasted time there is no guarantee

She studied hard to ace that test

When she passed she was finally free


Anxiety Over New Job

The next poem is about a man beginning a new job. His new boss was considered a tyrant, but this man wanted the job as it was a good stepping stone to his career ambitions.

John dressed impeccably for the interview

He tweaked his resume just one more time

His anxiety increased as the day grew near

Getting this chance was quite a high climb

He took some deep breaths to remain calm

Interviewed by three people then shown the door

Three days later he got the call waited for

He was offered the job, he had made the score

Not starting the job for another long week

His buddy told him about the tough boss

Anxiety was building a little more each day

If he didn’t perform well it would be his loss

Each day seemed longer than the last one

Anxiety kept him awake every single night

As the start day drew near his sweet wife

Calmed him down and he knew she was right

The first day on the job finally arrived

Again he dressed in his very best suit

He adapted very quickly to the work

John knew this job was a worthy pursuit

Keith Urban - Worry 'Bout Nothin'


Escaping Domestic Abuse

WHO estimates that 1 in 3 (30%) women are abused worldwide at least once in their lifetime. Domestic abuse is terrible, and many women just don’t know how to get away for a variety of reasons.

The next poem is about a woman who has suffered abuse and finally has left. There are many places where a woman may live and get a new start.

Judy fell to the floor as Tom hit her once more

Laying there she knew she couldn’t take it anymore

Tom yelled at her to get her ass up right now

Then grabbed a beer he bought from the store

The next morning he smiled and said

Sweet Judy, I am sorry i hurt you again

Please forgive me, I drank too much

Judy knew it was only a matter of when

She knew she had to get away from him

Tom left for work, she knew she must leave

She had been scared and anxious for so long

Judy wanted a better life, she had to believe

Her sister and her doctor had told her to go

Anxiety kept her exhausted and tired all day

She knew her children deserved a better life

She absolutely had to find a much better way

She heard of a house for women who were abused

Anxiously she decided to go and check it out

She was greeted with a smile, a warm embrace

Judy had found the next step, she had no doubt

6 Signs Of People Who Have Been Abused

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