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Reality of the Trinity

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The Holy trinity...the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,

Its meaning to be much more, not as just some idle boast.

What grander means in revealing the conception, its story,

The one of how God gave his son, His returning in all glory.

An explaining of all evil, of how mankind strayed so far away,

Our creator God gave up His only son, to be a better new day.

That narrative of how Jesus lived among us, died on the cross,

Gave his life, that our sins were all forgiven, no greater the loss.


Could never be a better story, its theme, than of Christianity,

How Christ's life was lived, and then his sacrifice, we all see.

No finer teacher of the goodness meant in life, His acts to be,

He led the right way for all to follow, was not forced, was free.

A touch in God's own hand to Jesus, that of spiritual relativity,

How the supreme maker of all, showed mankind, of its reality.

Put in terms that when read, understood, of a life that's good,

How it relates to each of us on earth, living the way we should.


Words written on the pages, in holy scripture to be read,

The story of Christian life, only a part, in all that was said.

Giving a picture of early times, before Christ came to earth,

Telling of how mankind was challenged, and of his worth.

Relating of how God created all to be, that of evil's threats,

When Jesus returned once again, how fierce a warrior gets.

As the sinful were to be destroyed, as those forgiven, saved,

Children welcomed to a heavenly home, on gates engraved.


Scriptures written by God's own reflection, of His word,

Shouted from mountain's tops, His voice is to be heard.

Adam and Eve's creations, onward through out history,

The special guide of life, tells all to share, in generosity.

The Trinity, of its true meaning, so exemplifies the Lord,

Giving mankind a chance of all faith, life lived in accord.

No finer painting can describe, that stirs every emotion,

Than of a ceiling in the chapel, a Father's own devotion.

Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord.