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Realities Face

All the worlds’ eyes are focused on me,

Yet never has humanity been so blind.

For you see only what you want to see,

Solely, what I choose.

What is concealed under a feigned smile?

A face that emulates such blissful happiness,

Forged, crafted and skilfully mastered.

A mask exuding spirited content,

That never fails to falter nor slip,

Endlessly eluding anguish, despair and disdain.

A soul unjustly plagued,

With warped thoughts of my existence.

Candidly resounded to brooding,

Upon my heavy bitter heart.

Racked beneath a tortured frame,

Lies a burden of such bereft emotion,

Sombre, dour and callously haunting my mind.

An entity beyond fractured,

Beyond broken, torn or bruised.

Yet I remain to the world impregnable,

I remain to you unbreakable, fearless, somewhat immune.

An illusion that carries a substantial price,

That the years have seen me gradually endure.

Doubtlessly, I shall forsake myself.

Until the ultimate pleasure willingly comes,

This my life’s impetuous sacrifice.

© 2021 Alana Bembridge

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