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Real Heartbreak

The shadows have returned and winds have crossed my path,

What could have caused our hearts to create such a wrath,

My days are grey, and my mind is dark,

The shape of our love has shifted apart,

Why does love hurt so much, I can't call its bluff,

How is pain related to love, how could we have misjudged,

I will miss the feeling and the believing in us,

This will hurt, and there is no bandage for this cut,

Shock has taken me, and my heart aches,

I wish I could just open my eyes and awake,

But this is no dream, and I can not wish this away,

If this is fate, then I guess I should get my rake.


© 2018 Along with the wind


Along with the wind (author) from colorado on March 13, 2018:

Thanks Ravi!

Ravi Sharma from India on March 11, 2018:

Well done sir!!!

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