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Love: The Sacred Kiss Re-kindled. Saturday's Inspiration 12, to Linda Crampton


Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Love: The Sacred Kiss Re-kindled

Each pearl of rain, is pregnant with meaning;

The drops upon the lillies garments,

Will give you water, if you seek.

A fettered heart cannot break free,

If it is bound by strong desires. Yet there

Is an inner wakefulness, that stirs the soul.

This is not the wine that dull the senses! I have

Had the sugarcane juice, that makes me drunk.

Drink! For the aroma of its breath,

Springs forth from a celestial vineyard.

The Light of the moon caresses a flame,

That cascades its grandeur in my Heart.

O Love, You are this sacred kiss re-kindled,

That I have long since been yearning for… come!

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 13th September, 2018.


Wisdom-quote from the Master

"I have bravely forgiven all my yesterdays,

So that today I can cheerfully run,

Towards my destined goal." - Sri Chinmoy

"...I shall build a temple in each human Heart;

I shall become the sacrificial fire,

On the alter of each human life." -Sri Chinmoy


Real People Beneath the Faces

Come! Sweet flower; cute garland of roses,

Console the real people beneath the faces.

Our moods, resentments … demeanours,

Are but expressions of our Joys and sorrows.

We wish to be loved, like you.

Come! O moon, O stars, O sun, O rainbow,

Let your Light radiate. There are no strangers here.

My Chinese, Japanese … African friends,

My American, English … refugee friends,

Are awaiting thy robes of translucent Light.

Come! My virtual-reality, internet friends,

Let our Spirits’ dance together,

Singing the songs of the Heart’s longing.

This is what real people beneath the faces do.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 10th September, 2018.

~Awakening The Inner Light~


Life's Beauty

© 2018 manatita44


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 20, 2018:

What a nice tribute. Much to ponder and relax in here.

manatita44 (author) from london on September 17, 2018:


My Indian friends are all incredibly sweet and very wise. But you know, it's a good point. I get into trouble innocently, sometimes.

Manatita is my soul's name which means: 'Beyond the mind -- in the Heart of our Lord Beloved Supreme.' So sometimes I do not use the mind as the Heart is dominant. Rest assured I Love you all.

Thank you so much!

Rinita Sen on September 17, 2018:

I liked the realization that fettered hearts cannot break free, how often do we realize this? Not much, I guess, so thank you for the reminder.

As to the second piece, it reminds me of an old song by the rock band Scorpions, which goes - we all live under the same sun, we all walk under the same stars, then why, tell me why can't we live as one?

Oh and by the way, you forgot to mention your Indian friends.. haha.. just kidding.

manatita44 (author) from london on September 16, 2018:

Hi Al. How are you? Good to see you again and I trust that all is well. Much Love.

Hi Linda L.

Thanks a bundle. No strangers here no. Glad you liked it. Higher blessing to you and family this weekend. Peace.

Al Wordlaw from Chicago on September 16, 2018:

Very well interesting and expressed!

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on September 16, 2018:

"There are no strangers here." Lovely verses and images throughout for a lady who kindly and freely shares her knowledge with us. May you have a blessed day.

manatita44 (author) from london on September 15, 2018:


Thank you so much, Linda C. So glad you like it! Yes, the rose is a favorite of mines, too. Thank you so much!! Gratitude.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on September 15, 2018:

Manatita, I am deeply honoured by this article. Thank you so much for creating it. I loved it from the first glimpse when I saw the beautiful photo of the rose. Roses are one of my favourite flowers. I love the photos, the quotes, and your beautiful poetry. Internet friends are wonderful.

manatita44 (author) from london on September 15, 2018:


I'm sure that your own Heart is aglow with beauty unfathomable. God speed!

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on September 15, 2018:

"Singing the songs of the Heart’s longing.

This is what real people beneath the faces do."

Well, my beloved Brother, you just gave me the meditation quote of the new week!

I would wish to walk in your Heart for a moment; there is so Beauty in there!

Admiration and Gratitude!


manatita44 (author) from london on September 15, 2018:

Thanks Bill.


Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 15, 2018:

Lovely, as is Linda! I have learned so much from her articles. I have learned so much from you. HubPages has turned out to be this huge clubhouse where the cool kids hang out. :)

manatita44 (author) from london on September 15, 2018:

Nice comment, Mary.

I like your take on it and of course your mention of Linda. Much Peace.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on September 15, 2018:

Manatita, this is a great tribute to a wonderful person, Linda. Real people beneath the faces. Yes, everyone we meet is a universe we can connect with, understand and be with in compassionate welcome. Not the wine that dulls the senses...yes, we often become cynical and no longer feel.

Li-Jen Hew on September 15, 2018:

Haha thanks Manatita for clarifying. :)

manatita44 (author) from london on September 15, 2018:

No, my Sweet, Li - Jen.

I did not say that. Simple and simplicity are different words. I am looking at the sweetness, innocence, inner and outer charm … the lilly-white qualities and other Godlike virtues of your Heart. Simplicity is one of them.

Li-Jen Hew on September 15, 2018:

Hahaha you're welcome and thanks. Cool that you were able to see me as simple, didn't really cross my mind.

manatita44 (author) from london on September 15, 2018:

Morning, my sweet.

In a cute childlike way, you see so much in my poetry! God is full of Love for us and especially his childlike-simplicity children. You are blessed.

Li-Jen Hew on September 15, 2018:

Hi Manatita. If I'm thirsting for sweetness, I should drink your poem. A heart may be weak with desires but as long as you are aware of the desires, you can overcome it, that's how I interpreted the first stanza especially after reading Sri Chinmoy's quote. That is wise; to seek water from each pearl of water. That goes to show that we can be willing to be aware of our weaknesses and overcome them? I like how you managed to show the importance of Light by showing the achievement of Light from the moon into the Heart. It's like the Heart embraces the Light's energy. Virtual-reality friends haha, nice way of putting it. :) Thanks for sharing.

manatita44 (author) from london on September 14, 2018:

Ah Jodah. You are awake, like me . Hope all is well this weekend. Thank you so much!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 14, 2018:

Beautiful words and images, manatita, and the quotes are full of wisdom. Linda is a wonderful writer and teacher and this is a great tribute.

manatita44 (author) from london on September 14, 2018:

Hi Verlie. Appreciations.

Thank you so much!! Have a great weekend.

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on September 14, 2018:

Beautiful manatita! Much wisdom in your verses, wonderful positivity in these inspirational messages. Lovely images.

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