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Real Life Changed to Comedy

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The Transformation

Here is what I remembered and so much is already forgotten

Waking up in each others arms

Wild love

Off to shovel snow

Eat breakfast and off we go

Playing with our cat Charlotte

Putting on all the Christmas lights one more time

Writing the thoughts that crackle in my mind

Drinking lots of water

Washing and drying the dirty laundry of the week

Cleaning out the fridge

Eating leftovers for lunch

A tangerine and some prunes

Some fudge and a few small candies

Some country music

Juicy steak for supper

A nice shave and shower

A movie to unwind

A kind text to a few friends

We did what we wanted

It was important but we knew it couldn't last

The day is over

All we did

Is now in the past

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