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Reading Rhetoric

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

Reading Rhetoric

Reading Rhetoric

Hey, you...

Who has spoken to me

try to repeat what you said and convey

let me understand your heart

Next, you may be silent.


There is a word attachment that is almost like a promise

while I also do not understand until now.


The words are still the same and the promise you keep

while I can only guess.


The sun is slipping, the moon is crescent, the stars are dimming

Your gaze shines brightly and your voice grows louder

Whereas I can only reminisce and make discordant sounds

In an unbalanced position.

Because I ran out of vocabulary

in a conversation

empty directionless.

leads to a path formed by Rhetoric.

In the future I have read today

How rhetoric is a weapon

form an image, paint a plan and become a sculptural engraving named Goal.

Let me Read the Rhetoric

to be the first step and choose to stay before you just leave.

after the fun you had.

Let my Rhetoric study

as an experience and an exact science

not to obey in the future

if I see you again, about the words called rhetoric.

© 2022 Halley Kawistoro

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