Updated on October 12, 2017
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Nestor is a student of university of benin,currently studying industrial chemistry,who believes his love for literary work came from God

Depressed heart

This is my last letter to the world

Begging you to see who i am
I am not really a poet
I am just a sad kid
I tried to tell my story
To convey my emotions through my words
But no one seems to see between the lines
to understand the hurt that lies inside
No one sees beneath the vizard
The mask i put on to the world
I was scared to be who I am because I thought no one will understand
So i put on a mask and became who they wanted me to be
So when i realized my folly and tried to take of my mask
No one recognize who i am
No one seemed to hear me
No one sees the pain, the heart break, the torture
To them these are just words
But to me it is something more
Looking for a way to tell them my story made me a poet
Looking for a way to make people know me made me a writer
But they hear but don't listen
See but don't understand
So i give up
I put down my pen
And closed this chapter of my life
I will stop trying to speak because I know I won't be heard
So i will just drown in the pain and sorrow
I will disappear and become part of the crowd
I will become the image you made for me
But if you ever want to find me
If you ever want to know what killed me inside
Follow the trail left by my words
Cause only when pen was on paper was i truly alive

So goodbye
This is the last letter from the sad and depressed kid
This is my last letter to the world
Begging you to see who i am
So if you need me
You will find me in my poem


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