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Take the Plunge


Hyn Edwit is a university student who writes poems and stories reflecting his inner thoughts.

The crisp coldness

caresses your cheeks, red

from shying away

from its embrace


your mind welcomed

the company,

your eyes still showed

the agony, doubt, fear, regret

of being pulled deeper

into the madness, stillness


Breathe, the feeling

embrace, acknowledge

thoughts knowing

the risk yet



take the



and leave

the turmoil


Take courage

and grab hold

of reality

Unwavering eyes

unexpected grin

an unforgettable

tale of your

first relentless


© 2020 Hyn Edwit

Have you tried taking the plunge too?

Angel Writes from 'A Place In The World' on December 25, 2020:

Love this!!

Hyn Edwit (author) on December 24, 2020:

It really is, Ruby! Thank you very much for dropping by and, Happy Holidays!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on December 24, 2020:

Beautiful Journey!

Hyn Edwit (author) on December 23, 2020:

Good day, Manatita44! Thank you very much for dropping by and happy holidays!

manatita44 from london on December 23, 2020:

An impactful piece!

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