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The Spiritual Importance of the Raven From a Tribal View: The Spirit of the Raven

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Tribal Views of the Raven

The Raven is a very important part of most Native American tribes. They believe that this bird is the key to unlocking life’s treasures. However, one must be careful, because the raven is considered untrustworthy and selfish as well.

Some Native Americans also believe that a raven has the power to take possession of a person’s soul, mostly during birth or in death.

I, myself, believe we all have what I call a spiritual animal. One we feel we have a shared kindred spirit with while living as humans. I can’t say I believe we transform, or for a better term, are reincarnated into this animal as some Native Americans do. However, this was the mindset I chose as I came up with my poem.

God Gave Me Wings (Narrative Poetry)

My life on Earth came to a close,

and my flesh was left to burn.

My ashes were thrown off a

high mountain of trees, and

down below a fast running stream.

Observing my ash as it soared

through the air, I was still shocked to

realize I too was there.

Not in flesh, but in flight, I was covered

in feathers so black as night.

My eyes kept watching as my dust

caught the wind and disappeared...

it was truly the end; not of me

nor my spirit, just my body of human


I would no longer be confined in this

world of trouble, for me life had been

so full of sorrow.

I made a loop around again. I wish I

could tell my family and friends,

but my mouth would not speak; it seemed

to croak a low soft sound that came

from my throat.

As the air filled my lungs, I felt the warm

breeze, it comforted me as it blew

all around me.

I felt so free, so alive; God

had given me my wish to fly.

He made me a bird in my favorite


My eyes would now see simply the

beauty of nature.

Just like that, my woes were over.

I had no more thoughts' only deep


of my time in the air as I leaped off

a branch to stretch out my beautiful

long wingspan.

I feel nothing now but pure serenity.

You see…I did not die that faithful day;

I transformed into my destiny.

I am no more that being of sadness...

I’ve returned to this land brave and


I have returned in form of a glorious


© 2015 Missy Smith

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