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Rascal Rhymes

Updated on October 30, 2017

Little Rascals

SPANKY MCFARLAND is the president.
Of a club that hates women.
In this case, it is just girls
While his friend Alfalfa loves girls.
Alfalfa has been chosen.
To drive THE BLUR in the upcoming.
In the upcoming race.
Spanky chose him but doesn't see his face.
So they go out to find him.
They then discover him.
With DARLA. Knowing the club forbid him.
Because she's a girl and she has him.
She has him wrapped around her little finger.
He makes a move ignoring the members.
Agrees to a picnic in the clubhouse.
Unknowingly, his members find out.
The other members invade their privacy.
Pulling off a prank secretly.
Sabotaging their romantic date.
Revealing themselves and demanding to take.
To take over the clubhouse.
While Darla is hiding out.
Eventually, she comes out.
Saying Alfafa's ashamed to bring her out.
In the midst, a candle flame falls.
Starts a fire and forces them to call.
To call the fire department.
They come and they end it.
But the clubhouse is burned down.
& Darla no longer sticks around.
Alfalfa's bad day had gotten worse.
Stymie assigns him to guard the blur.
The blur is the best race car there is.
Been in the family for five years.
Meanwhile, Darla finds another replacement.
and Alfalfa is getting jealous.
He attempts to get back Darla's attention.
While his friends are behind him wishing.
Wishing that he gives Darla up.
Spanky goes with him hoping they'd break up.
The attempt looks to work out.
But before it, they are forced to wait out.
To wait out of her Ballet class.
While waiting, bullies walk past.
Those bullies chase them back inside.
Forcing them to put on a disguise.
They walked in and the class was surprised.
Despite it, Alfalfa sings.
As he sings, Darla's heart's melting.
They then inducted were in a recital.
Darla still tried to be in denial.
Alfalfa sees Waldo in the crowd.
Waldo is the new kid in town.
New kid and also Darla's new friend.
The mistress decided to put it to an end.
She ushered them both off stage.
but did not stop the progress they made.
On the day of the big race.
Alfalfa is angry with disgrace.
He feels Waldo doesn't appreciate.
So is eager to get back in into place.
He wants to be Darla's friend again.
He dedicates the race before it begins.
Not knowing that Darla is watching him
But in the end, Darla's back with him.

Travis Tedford
Bug Hall
Brittany Ashton Holmes
Blake McGiver Ewing
Sam Selleta
Blake Jeremy

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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