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Rape Don't Exist

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Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am a survivor of an abusive marriage. Many of these things were things my husband told me.

Don’t go to sleep now, we can’t go to bed mad.
I need to know we’re okay after the fight that we had.
I know I said some things, but you don’t understand,
I know I did some things but didn’t raise a hand.
If you’re not mad prove it, you don’t love me no more?
Look in my eyes while I talk to you, don’t look at the floor.
I bet your past boyfriends got more love than me.
Bet you made them feel worthy, guess I don’t mean a thing.
Gonna show what you mean to me, hold still so I can.
This is how a good woman shows respect to her man.
It only hurts ‘cause you’re tense, you should just lighten up,
It doesn’t matter your mood, Baby, just suck it up.
Don’t you know it’s the duty of a woman to please?
With the clothes you got on, I know you’re trying to tease.
So, you see, it’s your fault that I want you so much.
What, you want me to look but don’t want me to touch?
It isn’t how you explain it, don’t portray me that way,
You make it out to be me, when you’re the one feeling shame.
We’ve been through this before, you can’t report it a crime,
I bet they get girls like you coming in all the time,
But they all get in trouble, claiming things that aren’t so,
And all the tables will turn, better just let it go.
Those girls look crazy, trying to hate on their man,
Girls like you, unappreciative, they don’t understand,
Stupid girls should have known it’s all part of the life.
Because rape don’t exist ‘tween a husband and wife.

© 2019 Shlamoof

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