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Random Words

I love to express myself through words of emotion, pain, and heartache. I enjoy forming a reality of sorts to kinda escape.

Random Words

Precious is what you are
You're so much unlike every one else
‘cause you're far beyond different
You're not like any other woman
And yes you are perfect
In a billion different colors
Of red and pink, blue and purple
Belonging to rainbows mixed with perfection
You walk filled with beauty you don't see
Ball up your pretty little fist
Not because you're mad at me
Just because you got it
You got all the right stuff
You can get anything in this world
Something so special you cannot see
So beautiful my mirror is jealous of you
Listen with your heart not your ears
They will lead you astray if you don't believe
Follow your heart then you can never fail
You're not hollow on the inside
Walk that hard path you felt
So far away you think you'll never see it
Speak out loud of your mouth about
All the good thing's you feel
Breath slowly and think positively
Speak what is good into existence
Open up those big hazel eyes
Listen to my helpful words
They can guide you
It's because I love you

© 2019 Dom Shadows

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