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Quest for Identity

An artist,a poet at heart & a teacher by profession, pursuing masters in psychology now. Passionate about reading & writing the expressions.


My Journey

There was a time when I considered myself as worthless,

I kept on cursing myself for my insignificant unworthy identity;

Since I gathered my consciousness and started to reason,

I saw the people so rich, intelligent and famous around me,

Among which I could always see myself as the ugly duckling.

I couldn't stand against the expectations of my parents,

Whether in academics or sports, never did I get the best grades,

Papa used to compare us with the ones with high accolades,

To make me feel like a nasty creature hopeless valueless,

Thus I confined myself to stay in isolation away from distress.

I longed to have some appreciation for any of my deeds

Unfortunately, I waited for the likes and positive comments

And kept on ignoring all the negative critical comments

Which made me bring out the best of my hidden talents

Further seasoning me from a naive to a mature adult.

Self Appreciation

I read so many success stories

From every field of all the popular names,

There was one thing common among them

The ones who had had more problems

They could reach the higher destinations.

Each of them had a strong determination,

Firm faith, passion for the work and full devotion,

With these ingredients, they rode their expeditions.

I too earned an essence from their inspiration

We all need self-admiration and appreciation

Rather waiting for others for a word of motivation

There I started to work for just self-satisfaction

But not to satisfy anyone else's expectation.

© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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