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Random Thoughts : "In the Loving Memory of My Late Father"

This poem is dedicated to my late father whose dwelling is now in heaven.


Random Thoughts : "In the Loving Memory of My Late Father"

You held my hand
Soon after I was born
And through my childhood
You protected me, guided me
And many a time scolded me
Only to mend my ways

Being a kid, I awaited you
Day in and day out
To come back home
From market or workplace
Where you might have gone
To get some work done

Your arrival begot a smile
On my sweet little face
And I felt overjoyed
When you took me
In your embrace

My playthings were
Your hair and moustache
And being pampered I was
I screamed too hard
When you scolded me
Over some mistake

I grew and went to school
And you kept a watch
On my ways
And if I went astray
You always brought me
Back on track
Before it was too late

Now you are no more
And heaven is your abode
Newfound though it may be
You will make it yours
Being loving and caring
You will surely make
A home out of heaven

I miss you father
My eyes search for you
left, right and centre
Though you are gone forever
But deep inside my heart
You will reside
And your memories
Will fade never ever.....

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