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Random 123

Yeah, it hurts
When you know you f#cked
The feeling of loathing and pain
It's riling you up

Maybe in another world everything will be nice
But there's no such thing as that
Pain and joy
The things as real as love

People, flesh and bones
How complicated can they become
Trees are witnesses
The truth, will they say it out loud

The walls are bare
A mosquito is trapped
A snore can be heard through the crack
I need a hug

Have you ever felt that the time is just standing still
The air is not moving
And you are just this person you don't even know
But you are breathing

I still have a lot to learn
I am greedy
And needy
And alone, feels alone

The world is moving I know
I am moving along it
I don't even know if right now I am on top or not
Maybe the world is nice

There's this butterfly hovering
Talking to butterfly is a bad idea
This life, I don't understand
I am living it, should be enough

© 2020 Old Notebook Poetry

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