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Raising You

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God have me his most precious gift

People ask me, how do you feel,

Is it different after becoming a parent?

Everything is the same, is what I feel,

No, it’s no hassle or any torment.

Nothing changes,

not your life neither you,

But someone adds up,

and that is beautiful

It is wonderful

to have someone around all the time

Nagging, crying, laughing

and listening to rhymes

No, it is never a burden,

I say this because this is what people want to hear,

It did happen all of a sudden,

but after seeing the angel I did shed a tear.

I don’t know what she will turn out to be,

Neither am I bothered about it,

Coz for me my little bubba she always will be,

And I will raise her bit by bit.

One step at a time you should take,

Is what they say,

But your destiny you will make,

Take everyone along who comes your way

You were and will always remain,

A part of me,

You can come to me again and again,

If you find it difficult to sleep

Life is beautiful yet difficult,

And you will know this eventually,

But you should move on and never halt,

Only then will you reach somewhere, probably

I have seen you, In all your innocence

And I will do nothing, to erase that essence

Together we will grow into two beautiful ladies

Into different eras, we will sow seeds of happiness and build beautiful paddies.

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