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Raise Tonight

Yoni is a Creative writer with the ability to switch from Adult stories to childhood bedtime to poems to philosophy. Life turned to laugh


One More Night

At the end of the night

The people will come

At the end of the night

No one would have won

Patiently, eagerly awaiting

The new chapter had begun

And the adventure was staging.

Ready for anything that’s about to play

Fresh out of prayers with a delicious Sundae. Clouds in the sky all pushed aside, no grey today just Blue sky’s and Lays potatoes chips

Thrusting her hips to the beat of the song, all night long.

All night

All night long

All night.

The music loud, vibe so proud, beat has our hearts together as if we’re floating in in the cloud.

SnapBack, outback, no map, our track.

Take me with you to the land of the free, don’t stop until we get there, through land and sea.

I’ll give to you when I’m most hungry, Fire to my soul more than 450 degree.

Celsius, Fahrenheit...Fk it let’s fly a kite

All the way up

All through the night.

The sky wouldn’t fight with the kite holding the light.

Up in the sky

All night long

You and i lay

All night long

Up when you’re here all night

All night song

No more fight

Hold the light tonights the night.

Until the morning light, let’s shine on bright through tonight.

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