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Rainy journey


As I pick my luggage to leave

The house, papa walks

In to ask if am ready.

He tries to tell me to spend

Another day or two before

I travel back.

Not easily convinced,

I ask him to wait till I come back

The following week.

The look on his face gently

Touches my heart.

It's like a part of me wants to

Postpone the journey,

But I have to go. It's been

Long weeks of love, care

And laughter.

He prays for his lovely daughter

And asks the Almighty to

Keep her safe.

My little niece senses

My departure.

She starts crying holding the helm

Of my blue and pink dress.

Drying her tears, I manage to

Make her believe that am still


Without any notice of her glance,

I sneak and off I go.

The matatu I board is in a hurry

The tout asks the passengers,

Loading the "machine" with traveller's goods.

No sooner had they all sat

To enjoy the ride, than the tout

Asks for fare.

A passenger tries to plead to pay

Less. His quest is in vain.

The tout doesn't want to listen,

He starts to quarrel,

And you can see froth from his

Fishlike mouth.

The passenger searches his bag,

Manages to get a few coins.

He gives it out frowning,

Like he wants to hit the tout.

The rains fall heavily.

The driver drives carefully

With calculated steps on his

Driving skills.

A passer by is seen from a distance

Trying to signal the driver to stop.

The vehicle stops and he dashes in,

He is an old man in his sixties.

Looks drunk and lost.

The smell of liquor from his mouth

Explains where exactly he is from.

His sense of humour turns

The environment to a jolly good


We all laugh at his jokes.

" Today was market day I had to go

Get meat for my wife.

For she has eaten vegies for weeks."

All the passengers laugh out loud and the

Journey continues.


© 2020 Millicent Okello

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