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Rainy Day Blues

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood


The rain keeps on falling,

And you are nowhere to be found.

Please come back I’m calling,

My yearning is painful now.

The warmth of your kiss,

Upon my soft, eager lips.

Your loving touch I miss,

Want you around my hips.

Oh won’t you come back,

So I can hold you tight.

From this pain I need slack,

And you can make it right.

Allow me to share your heart,

You needn’t keep it so close.

Pierce through mine like a dart,

Love like a drug, I need my dose.

Giving in to rainy day blues,

Lost in the void of thought.

Wish I could immerse in someone new,

But then COVID-19 might be caught.

Be My Savior

There aren't enough individuals out there spreading love, and with these rainy day blues kicking in it could really be used right now. Even better would be curling up next to a fire, maybe a little whiskey in hand, sharing stories of yore and aspirations for the future. Heck, hit me with some hot chocolate and a doodle book, we can write poetry and immortalize one another in print. Just make these rainy day blues go away, warm my frigid heart and soul with your love.