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Raindrops a Poem- in Response to Brenda's Prompt Challenge

Misbah enjoys poetry and loves to convey the messages of Love through her poems.

When it rains

When we get up in the morning and it rains outside, our morale takes a hit, and we tell ourselves that we are going to spend a day as gray and busy as the sky...

What if, in reality, the rain had a lot of good sides and hidden talents?

When it rains, the good thing is that we can (finally) take out our competitor's dragon umbrella, and pretend to be Rihanna (better, of course)

The great thing about the rain is that it makes a perfect excuse to undo... All the stuff we had planned was bothering us a bit. Instead, we'll be able to sit quietly at home, drinking a good hot chocolate in front of the TV. Thank you rain!

After a good storm, it's funny, but everything has a particular smell, and particularly pleasant: the trees, the plants, the grass, the earth, and even the rocks... It's normal: when the rain falls and the wind blows, everything mixes water, earth, vegetation, etc. This gives rise to odors that are highly appreciated by the human nose.

The falling rain is a sound that comes up all the time in relaxation and meditation CDs. It seems that it's great for relaxing, for studying, but also for falling asleep in peace. Not bad isn't it?

It's scientific: rain is loaded with negative ions. And even if their name is not very engaging, these negative ions are known to help us fight against certain respiratory diseases (such as asthma) and chronic fatigue because they participate in air renewal. Another good point for the rain!

Above all, With the rain, you can become a movie star on the cheap, yay!

A set of 5 poems is written in response to a word prompt challenge by our beautiful co-author and a loving friend, "Brenda". We get a fast-paced challenge from her every week and we love it. I am glad this is week 13. Still going good Brenda. The word prompt for this week is "Raindrops"

Worries will fall like raindrops

all worries will fall from the clouds with
silver rainfall
and you will speak beautifully of love to me again

The sky will smile with a rainbow
and will not shed any more tears

and I will find out
that two souls nestled in each other
fit in one hand

Despite the passage of time, I still play hide and seek

I hide my tears in rainfall and in the crowd

— Misbah

You washed a poem

Among the raindrops
letters fell
to you
my name on the back

in your pocket
you washed a poem
for you folded
more than twice

Raindrops on window

Raindrops on window

When it rains

It falls as light as a cloud of floating dust,
You do not feel it swirling, but you hear,
You hear it falling, how it hits the
gutters on the roofs,

It is refreshing on hot days,
on days that could have been beautiful,
sunny is a depression, It
envelops us, what is it is? Hmm, it's raining

The rain, when you sit near the window
and see it raining, you
realize what you could do at that time, you
remember the days when something was wrong, the
days you lived as if you were dreaming

A rain that reminds you of memories.
Too much thought for a day, no work?
Time for memories of tears, tears hidden within
to pretend that everything is fine that you are Happy!!

Rain brings back memories

Of raindrops are falling slowly,
depicting my emotional states of
Raindrops, which are carried by frames of
time with memories of
raindrops are
my little desires

These drops that flowed, giving back
what I sent to the sky.
These crystal drops come to the mute ones
sent to those recommended for my hopes to refuse
These drops that fall from above
from the weeping cloud directly at me

I gave my spirit to this
I prefer dancing with drops

Spring Waltz

Dancing in the Rain, The
world is drowning with the raindrops
falling, it has a lyrical mood

when the wind hits the windows outside,
it moves the string, it hums again a
sad melody.

And only wet, rainbow-colored droplets
in tulle dresses swirl around,
joyfully and gracefully spinning pirouettes,
in a windward dance.

The wind stopped, he admires the
soaring ballet of rainbow droplets in delight,
grabbed the violin and played with impetus,
our spring waltz.

And then it feels brighter and lighter in my soul,
I want to live again and dance until morning, the
trees rustle, I will sing with them
in your arms.

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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