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'Raindrops': Poem and Discussion; Refreshing Rain, Refreshment for Everyone

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Ann loves to write poetry and also enjoys responding to prompts. A challenge is always interesting!

Raindrops on the Windowpane

Through the Raindrops, looking at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Through the Raindrops, looking at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Weekly Prompt

Thanks for another prompt, Brenda! (Thanks also for your comment on my short response to Bill's photo-prompt for a description.)

Many of us appreciate you giving us the inspiration, just in case we are struggling a little with our muses. Raindrops is a delightful one, so here are my thoughts for this week.


Pitter-patter, pitter patter

tapping on the pane.

Refreshing scent, nature reviving,

coloured drops of rain.

Not the drizzle soaking through,

dismal, grey depression,

nor the pelting, stinging drive

of hail or stormy session.

Stand outside, stretch wide your arms,

open mouth and drink!

Soak it up, this heaven-sent lotion,

no need to stop and think.

Nature sends its vital potion,

trees and flowers absorb,

so that all can live and wonder

‘neath clouds, as shiny orb

bursts its rays, through drops of water,

rainbow to create.

Then we know our world endures,

we live, glad. What a state –

drenched and smiling, hair bedraggled

splashing puddles, muddy wellies,

shrieking with a childlike glee,

all happy to be late for tea,

the raindrops smile our fate!

Greenery and Rainbows

Luscious greenery plus raspberry, gooseberry & rhubarb

Luscious greenery plus raspberry, gooseberry & rhubarb

Rainbow Promise that all's well

Rainbow Promise that all's well

Bubbles of Reflection

Raindrops also create bubbles of reflection – a reflection of light but also reflection in our minds. Arid deserts with no water, empty wells that can’t quench thirst, tubs that collect just a few drops; many of us aren’t so lucky to play in the rain as much as we would like. Then there are floods. Too little water or too much? Each presents problems.

Without raindrops we would die, without reservoirs, wells and water butts, it’s hard to collect it from day to day, to use at will.

The bubbles of reflection make the air move. We can make the air move if we help those who have little water to have more.

Governments could concentrate more on provision of water than provision of arms. They could consider their own instead of leaving it to others to care. They could put those who rely on them first, instead of themselves with their petty greed and thirst for power.

The shining refreshment of raindrops, the shining collection of pure, clean water to give people the shining eyes of hope, should be a prime goal of every government.

Next time you have rain, don’t take it for granted, think of those who have little of anything at all, let alone just rain, and see if you can do anything about it, for them and for their children.

Rainclouds Gathering

Rainclouds on the Horizon

Rainclouds on the Horizon

Collecting the Rainwater

Collecting the Rainwater

On a Different Note!

I am taking some time out from HP now. Pressing things have come up, on which I need to concentrate. Family, mostly. At the moment it feels like HP is taking over every waking moment! It's only right that I should respond to others' comments, of course, but I'm neither reading nor writing any new hubs for the foreseeable future. Too much in the inbox, too many to catch up with, causing undue pressure. I’m going to clean out my inbox and come back in a few weeks, or possibly months. I feel I have to write every day, which leads to me neglecting other things and people.

I’m sure many of you can identify with such things. I shall keep in touch with the hubbers I already communicate with outside this site. That is important to me.

I shall miss everyone. I’m not ill or anything, I just need time for me and mine. See you all later and happy writing!

© 2021 Ann Carr