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Raindrops From Heaven. Saturday's Inspiration 14. A Soulful Dedication to Rodric Anthony Johnson

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Ode to Mother Earth. A Free Verse Sonnet-Ode

Crystal dew, drops soothingly on your grandeur;

I see the elegant calligraphy on lotus petals,

Weaving an intimate garland in your Soul.

O Allah, you have adorned this sacred giver,

With the munificence of Thy bewildering boons,

Spun an effulgence of the sun’s opulence in her soul.

Humility incarnate, sweet Light … perennial Light!

The sun-god Surya has bedecked you,

With the breath of his redolent sacrifice, the

Indigo moon, kisses your cheeks with her radiant lustre.

Selflessly- giving; affection-flooded Mother, Love is

Dancing In the immaculate purity of your magnificence.

The Dao of nurture emerges,

Awakening Your enchantment, of nourishing flames.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 3rd November, 2018


Hope for the Harvest of Tomorrow's Dawn

I said. “O Sage, I’m lost in my darkness,

Filled with the tears of loneliness and fear.

I have affronted the silent beauty of life,

Now I’m covered with imprints of innumerable scars.”

“Be hopeful, my child. Dark nights are disguised candles,

Through which the light of mercy flows.

Some passions beat, like drums … become painful,

Yet others soar - like the Phoenix - to a translucent Light.”

“O Sage, my hope is diminished, my guilt real;

I’m steeped in a river of past shadows.

Strong is the current of my unworthiness;

Desperation claws through my bale of suffering.”

“Be patient, my child. Christ died and became immortal,

But this took him thirty-three years!

Shouldn’t we humans tarry a little longer?

Spring blossoms immaculately, when the winter’s gone.

There’s an ancient self-transcending Manuscript,

Whose Light somehow never wanes.

So too, night is the precursor of a new dawn,

So as to undeniably wake up dancing.

Hammer beats on the unshaped metal,

Only to give us a magnificent sword.

One day the sun will kiss your cheeks;

The moon will bow, to offer its raiment’s.”

“I see, O Beloved. Pain is inevitable with childbirth,

Until a most joyful miracle comes through.

A thorn is the messenger of wisdom;

Adversity’s scavenger-eagle, deep-cleans in the dark.”

“Yes, my child. Sometimes twilight brings nakedness,

But dawn heralds the melody of the lark.

So too, Love reins us in, in order to bloom

In fullness, the harvest of tomorrows morn.”

When the rain falls heavily, the earth is flooded with puddles,

As the all-nourishing sun peeps out, earth blossoms into new life.

The Lantern Carrier. 3rd November, 2018

~Awakening The Inner Light


Wisdom-poetry from the Master

“Hope, my pilot-star, hope
I have seen your face.
I have felt your heart.
In ignorance-night
I shall no more grope.

Hope, my pilot-star, hope
You are humanity’s peerless rope
For human souls to climb
God’s Transcendental Height.”- Sri Chinmoy

Never give up!

© 2018 manatita44

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