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Rainbows at Your Feet

Louwelyn started writing poems since third grade. Writing has always been and will always be her passion and source of inspiration.


Your eyes are in tears because of a bloody war.

You battle with yourself until you cannot lift a finger.

Around your place are scattered sheets of paper.

Shards of glass are present in the room’s every corner.

A dream you sought had flown away so far.

If looks could kill, your eye is now a murderer.

You killed in an instant without lifting a finger.

Why lift them if your eyes can be your dagger.

Each day that pass is but tormenting one.

You can’t see the reasons why living is a chance.

You can’t smile and you cannot hide the frown.

You can’t laugh but still you cannot cry.

Ever seen a rainbow below the sky?

Guess you would answer me as if I’m being sly.

But you can’t see God and still you think there’s one.

Maybe your perspective is very minimal.

Why battle with yourself, both are losing chances.

Why look that far, if happiness is within your reach.

Keep calm, be patient, rest but do not falter.

For when the going gets tough, the tough is getting tougher.

Live each day, not merely looking in the sky.

Because you can’t see the graces in your lawn.

You keep on looking far, and forget what’s within your reach.

You keep on eyeing for more, but yours is even better.

Why look defeated if you didn’t fight your battles?

Why feel sad when you don’t choose your happiness?

Why look for something that you cannot beat.

When the rainbows my love is scattered at your feet.

© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal

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