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Rainbow Wishes - Haiku


Rainbow wishes do come true...

Have you ever made a wish upon a rainbow? I have. My wish came true. Since that warm summer day in 1996 I have appreciated each and every rainbow I crossed paths with.

In 1996 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She was given 6 months to live. As a family, we were devastated. Our hearts were heavy with sadness.

After surgery and treatment my mother was required to have an MRI. She had a fear of MRI's due to claustrophobia. She was adamant that she would not have one performed. She would not be subjected to the tomb of darkness. With all our strength we pleaded with her to have the diagnostic test done. She stubbornly relented.

This particular day we went to the oncologist office to hear the results of the MRI. We were given outstanding news. She could expect to live for more than 6 months. Possibly up to two years. Her treatments were successful. We were all elated. We proceeded with happy hearts out of the medical center.

Sunshine & Mother 1981

Sunshine & Mother 1981

RIP Mom 2.20.02

As we walked across the parking lot, my daughter said "look mom," as she pointed toward the sky.

We all stopped in our tracks and stared in awe.

Above us was a brilliant rainbow of stunning colors.

We were a bit baffled as it hadn't stormed that day. Yet together we cheered. We hugged. We smiled. We thanked the rainbow for gracing us with it's appearance.

We felt our prayers had been answered. In unison we agreed that the rainbow was our gift of life. Silently we all made a wish.

My mother beat the odds. She was determined not to be another statistic. Mom was a champion. She passed away six years after diagnosis. Not six months. Not two years. My mother always had the last word.


Rainbow Wishes - Haiku

Breath taken away

crimson red shining above

may your wish come true


Dusk turns into dawn

blue as the forever sky

make a memory


Bright rays of sunlight

filling our days with sunshine

yellow is mellow


Citrus scented air

glowing embers of orange

cascade up above


Green as the meadow

overcast throughout the sky

pot of gold awaits


Purple haze of warmth

arch of multi-color maze

good fortune is near

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Wizard of Oz

Rainbow Cookies


Rainbow Cookies Recipe

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The cookies are not only delicious, but easy to make.

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Make some family memories with this recipe. Rainbow Cookies.

Rainbow Wishes

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