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A book lover and a dreamer. Enjoys looking at the stars wishing for calmness and hope

Your calming presence never fails
You touch my skin, it feels cold
I can feel you
It's nice

The sound you make is a lullaby
It lulls me into oblivion
Away from sadness and pains
Even only for a while

The way you trickle down my face
Whenever I look up to you
It is silly
But I always do

You always come when I feel blue
It's like you know what I feel
And you're there
The way I always need you

Sometimes you come pouring like crazy
It always reminds me that these feelings
Like you always show
Endings may seem far but will always come through

You also come in the form of storms
Scary, fast, and dangerous
Reminding me that life is like you
Stormy or calm, it is what it is

Life is like a rain
It will be done
But while it is here
Feel it, live it, let go.

© 2022 Old Notebook Poetry

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