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Rain, the Poem


JayDee grew up watching and reading fairytales. She also has been writing poetry since she was 12.


I watch how the trees get watered
And how the animals bathe,
As birds flutter their wings in it's drizzle
Like a shower for them was laid,

Oh how the plants
Open up to receive it's outpour,
the nutrients and goodness
A drink they have been waiting for,

And the animals
As they sheild their young,
Baby birds under their mommas
Waiting for the sun,

Then I remember noah and the ark
Rain for many a day and night,
Forty? What was that like?
The turmoil to their plight,

What amount of rain water
It took to lift that ark,
To destroy the sins of man-kind
The rain was a vicious remark,

Though a symbol of love for His chosen
Was a promise written across the sky,
His everlasting covenant
A rainbow so high,

And thought the days are gloomy
And the raindrops slow and sad,
the weather so therapeutic and calming
Makes one think rain isn't all that bad,

I love to just cuddle up by the window
And watch the raindrops race eachother,
With a cup of hot coco on those cold gloomy days
I could stay here forever,

Rain to me is like the warmeth of being safe
And cozy within your home,
The feeling of fulfilment and serenity
In the middle of a storm,

And regardless of what you go through
You can look in the mirror and say "I will be fine,"
Where you find your inner peace
No matter the storm raging in your mind,

And when that rainbow appears
I feel God's love for me,
His promise is everylasting
And everything is as it should be,

Years of rain watering this earth
Where nature remains the same,
And even with the thunder and lightning
There can't be a rainbow without the Rain.

© 2018 JayDee


JayDee (author) from Dubai on November 08, 2018:

Thank you so much for the kind words. :) God bless you!

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on November 08, 2018:

Oh so well put, explaining how a temperate rain bring nourishment to the immobile plants world, how excessive can destroy them and everything else except water creatures. Then you transformed that into showing how one's individual life need be moderate in their actions less they enter will mental turmoil. Finally you concluded that our source of life, God, within ourselves is there to ensure "no matter what we endures it is always there to being us through it."

Such a clear understanding of life's truth. Thank you very much for paraphrasing all of the many scriptures in attractive poetic verse.

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