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Rain In the Morning

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It's just the scenery out our front window
the pine tree swaying in the wind
and the morning sun is rising
let the day begin.
With the stories I've been living
I guess you can say I lived a life
and the cold rain brings a storm
it arrived without announcing itself
with a flash of lightning it was born.

Is it an ending or beginning
what is certain is hard to say
and I guess we are only living
in the feeble moments of each day.
I can't even pretend that I remember
when I opened up that door
and now outside the hail is beginning
in the belly of a wind that roars
with a gust of ice it was born.

Today I just sit here watching
with my coffee I measure the rain
that on the ground is rapidly beating
how I do appreciate a good storm.
It's just a moment and it is precious
how I wish it would never end
it's like forever beginning
the comfort of the rain that pours
with the morning it was born.