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Rain Clouds Gather - Inspirational

A Change In The Weather


A Storm Approaches

The billowing clouds form overhead

A storm approaches
Little ones in bed

Thunder rolls and the sky flashes it's light
Until the rain falls
And daylight calls

Soft beams of orange appear over the horizon
The dawn meets another day
The storm clouds are far away

When the soil is thirsty and the flowers droop their heads
The rain clouds will reappear
To drench the flower beds.

Credit - My own poem

Earth Delights In A Shower Of Rain


Rain or sunshine - Each Is Good

Have you noticed that some people are effected by the weather , especially on vacation.

Whether it rains or it is a sunny day, there is always good in both weather conditions. I love it when it is raining as I can catch up on indoor activities, like baking, sewing and other neglected projects.

My late mother-in-law used to help run hotels, with her husband. Many times she was asked what she had done to the weather, to which she replied calmly, that she could change many things, but that the weather conditions, were out of her control!

In summer when you go on a vacation and the weather conditions change and it is not favourable for the beach, an alternative plan, would be to head off and browse the shops for gifts to take home, or visit a historical site that is under cover.

Anyway rain or is all good as far as I am concerned.

Are you affected by the weather?

Earth Waits For The Rain

The clouds gather together before the storm
Trees shiver and rustle, a calf stands forlorn

Earth waits expectantly for the rain
Drinking in the drops
Yes, there's water again

Gushing through the gorges
Dancing down the drains
Piercing the parched earth
Giving rise to life again

Thanking God for the rain
And the abundant crops of grain
Banishing the drought
And alleviating the pain.

Where Feet May Fail

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