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Rain Calling

Passionate storyteller striving to create meaningful connections. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

Drops knocking on my window
do they want to come in,
have tea,
and tell a story,
or is it about splashing,
in summer rains
that leave soul happy,
warm and gleeful?
The drops don’t stop,
they seem to whisper
they tell things that I know,
they remind
of forgotten places,
where thoughts stay
when there’s no room
for leaves of imagination.

The rain prizes emotions,
it keeps them close
in puddles
and the rainbows
of possible
With rain, you have an ally,
a friend
who can share talks,
rain listens
to your struggles,
it cleanses souls,
washes away anger,
leaving behind
a home
for happiness unfolding.

Don’t fear rain,
don’t run away
from shimmering drops,
they can be diamonds
for your heart
banishing doubts and sadness
foretelling joyful memories,
uniting stories
of belonging
close to a fireplace
where ghosts
of past and present
spread wings
and vines of wishes
weaving the lace
of times to come
while your soul rests at one
with rain, music of drops,
shining desires
in all the colors of the rainbow
reflected in tiniest diamonds
that come to stay
a second
on your window
or mine.

A handshake with fate,
not salty like a tear,
hopeful, clear
in blissful walk
through life above the clouds
where no storms shatter
the castles
you keep
in your heart.

© 2021 Amy Christie

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