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Rain Again - A Poem

Vanita Thakkar is an accomplished singer-composer-poetess-author; a performer since childhood; teaches music; is life-long student of music.

Rains are peeping through the darkening of the clouds floating in the sky ....

May the rains this year bring health and happiness along with their sweet music, fresh fragrance, gentle wetness and pleasing greenness, that sweep away the plights and pains of the ongoing pandemic .... Wishing for a healthy and happy pandemic-free world !!

Rains welcomed us in Mussoorie in May, 2013 .... Photograph by Vanita Thakkar

Rains welcomed us in Mussoorie in May, 2013 .... Photograph by Vanita Thakkar

Rain Again

The dripping clouds

Swept away the sweating summer

And here comes rain, again !

Flooding the lanes of memory,

Awakening my sleeping mood

To read and write

And to enjoy the delight

Of the wet memories of :

That rainy day

When my good, old class

Was inspired and guided

To write poetry

By our English teacher;

Those lazy hours

Spent by the window –

Doing nothing,

Reading books of my choice,

Watching wet birds play in puddles ....

The joy of seeing

A patch of blue sky

After a heavy downpour;

Rainbows and wet sunshine ....

Dragging my two-wheeler

In pouring rain, on flooded roads ....

Monsoon adventures and displeasures ....

Monsoon is perhaps best spent

Sitting by the window,

Watching rain come and go –

Like the passing showers of Life.

- Vanita Thakkar (17.06.1997)


I love rains.

Rains bring cool and wet freshness into life, after the dry heat of summer has had its share of stay on the earth. Rains breath a new life into the greenery.

The newness and freshness in Nature inspires and ignites creativity. I have written the most during rainy seasons and on rainy season, in all the three languages I write in - English, Hindi and Gujarati.

Lazying by the window during rains, looking at the greenery coming to life outside, I feel getting emptied of everything and getting tuned to Life ....

Music is always there where I am and singing and listening to Music during rainy season is one of the most beautiful feelings. There are Raagas in our Indian Classical Music especially for rainy season - as also for other seasons .... I have written and composed some Classical as well as Light music songs on rainy season and I present them / have presented them in various programmes .... such as, in a unique programme titled Megh Gunjan organized in Vadodara every year as described below :

In Vadodara (Gujarat, India), where I stay, there is a literary organization named Granth Goshthhee (literally meaning conversation / discussion on a book), that has been organizing reviews / discussions on books twice every month for more than last four decades. Every year, in the month of Aashaadhh as per the Gujarati calendar, which happens to fall during the rainy season, in June or July, Granth Goshthhee organizes a special multi-lingual poetry programme to celebrate Rainy Season titled - Megh Gunjan (literally) meaning The (Resonating) Sounds of Clouds, wherein all poets present poems on Rain / Rainy Season. I am regularly invited to present my poems and songs in Megh Gunjan. Some of the songs / poems presented there are available online. Last year, due to lockdown, Megh Gunjan was celebrated in a different manner - a compilation of poems on Rains was prepared and released on the day the programme was to be done, making it a unique online celebration of the Rainy Season.

My English Poem for "Megh Gunjan" last year - in 2020 ....

My English Poem for "Megh Gunjan" last year - in 2020 ....

© 2021 Vanita Thakkar

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