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Raging Death Oh, Wolf, Live, Escape

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.

"My territory."

"My territory."

Moonlight in my shaky eyes telling my hand to fear

Rolling behind an ancient rock waiting news to hear.

There you stood . . .silent . . .sure

That I was dying . . .silent . . .sure.

You and I met many times in many darkened years

Now you must rest, rest until I have my coffee shaking off blurs.

Ahhh, the doves love quickly, but my equal, are lone and quiet.

Talking in riddles, signs and mirrors our river running light.

I saw you in a sunlight glimpse listening to your cry for love

Cry for food, and cry for “The Hand of The Creator” speaking above.

Clouds spill their tears as your princess lobo appears to your eyes

Licking her feet, looking her best, waiting for your dangers die.

"even warriors need rest."

"even warriors need rest."

I saw you in and out of my rocky, dark road

Far away alone, to the sky, and my simple abode.

You ran wild as wolves created should . . .

Eating your life, shattering Naure’s wood . . .

As I lay here heartbeats count, still as the rattlesnake

The sun slowly rises, smiles, turns to bake.

You give the look of laughing smiles . . .

Prancing, dancing, dear wolf, ravens lay still in piles.

Dear wolf, tell me ‘fore time rings its final moment

Did you have many more friends than foes?

Or was there a large hole in your trust parchment?

I knew. You knew. Eagles knew, oh our woes.

"Always watching. Always guarding."

"Always watching. Always guarding."

My friend, long-time friend, the silver wolf of mine

Not really yours. Not really mine. Lies are easy lines.

Free as the vulture on dead, dark trees . . .

Nature falls hard on dead, lifeless knees . . .

But we go on, wandering which path, which road

Which meal, which morsel, going with several loads.

Clasp her wing, silver wolf, friend of mine . . .

‘Til you see me again lain in a box of pine . . .

March 19, 2020___________________________________________

© 2020 Kenneth Avery