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Radiant Sunshine

Peace is a high school- level educator and a writer that is dedicated to creating engaging contents for online platforms.


Yet again, Brenda has come up with another prompt for the week "Sunshine" and there's a lot that could be done with the word,in so many directions.

The more I live, the more i understand that sunshine is a common blessing in our lives that we should be grateful for. These things may be common but they make our lives beautiful.

I feel like there's more fun in summer, people are happier, energized and more productive. The parks and beaches are filled with people playing in the warm sea... there are so many activities going on. The sun fills our life with warmth, freshness and radiant glory.


My sunshine

You shine on me,

Your magic rays,

Sends glitters to my face,

And warm kisses to my cheeks.

Like the flowers,

You bloom my life,

Send light to my path,

Brighten my sky,

And give colours to my life.

Without your golden rays,

The morning is cloudy.

You take brightness everywhere you go,

Your ray's remove all gloom.

Your light fills my eyes with hope.

...I want to hold you,

Without getting burnt,

My sunshine.


© 2021 Peace Tobe Dike

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