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Racing with Age

Everlynne Mataru is an enthuasistic person who loves writing about anything.

Racing with Age

Its twenty four hours in a day, Seven days in a week, Four weeks in a month, Twelve months in a year, Without noticing how time flies so fast, We dont realise how fast we've grown up. Time ticks by and tricks us into thinking about tomorrow only, Without realising how old we became each year, As days turns into months and months into years, The race we face each day, From kindergarten to teenager, Then to an adult as we grow up, Yet at the end of the way, We dont realise that we will grow down again, From where we started in the begining. We dont realise that time never turns back its hand, We dont realise that age does not count backwards, we dont realise that every day is a blessing, And we all race against our own age to make the best Out of our lives. Yet, we still dont realise that we are racing agaist our age.

Questions & Answers

Question: Why is it that some people like to compare their age with others?

Answer: Some people like to compare their age with others because time has caught up so quickly with them that they forgot to care about their age and the lifestyle they have lived in. This means that they may look too old or too young for their age and this makes people question and compares themselves with others who may look a bit older/ younger than them at that age level.

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