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Race Track

Hyn Edwit is a university student who loves to explore his thoughts through haiku.

Everytime I loosen my grip, I tend not to succeed

And at times, tightening my grip is not enough

I end up blaming myself completely

Crushing what little confidence I have left

But right now I can't help but put on the blame

To someone or to something so abstract

I'd do this many times for me to breathe, for me to still smile

While running in this race we call life

And as I thought I could do it

I always end up crumbling in the middle

Breaking down with no tears in my face

As I look up in the gray colored sky

And when every being runs past by me

I wished for something above

Let the rain pour its sorrows out

For it'll be my tears of disappointment and regret

And as I wait for the rain to pour

I try to make out what's ahead of me

It's a blurry path with no goal to be seen

Yet they seem to be reaching something anyway

As I take in the coldness of the wind

Light then descended into the cracks of the heavens

As if consoling me from all the pain

As if telling me not to give in

"I'm not worthy" I told the light

"Your consolation is wasted on me

Just give up on me and let the rain pour

It'll be my tears 'cause I'm unable to cry"

The light continued to descend

Warming the previously cold breeze

As if embracing me right now

Yet I refuse to accept its warmth

At this point, I already gave up

I sat back and lied myself down

Watching them all run in the race

This race that we call life

And when a certain point came where I wanted

To join the race once again

No strength could ever hold my legs up

Cause by then, everything's too late

It'll be another regret of mine

Paths vanished, doors closed

They have given up on me

Yet the light continues to shine

I've been waiting for the rain to pour

Cause I know that those are my tears

Yet the light shines brighter than ever

As I still refuse its warmth and beauty

For me, it'll just be an endless cycle

Of regret, jealousy and disappointment

And so... the rain poured and the light dissipated

On my lifeless form on the race track

© 2020 Hyn Edwit