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Rose Petals Around the Throne of God

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~



Holy Saints And Guardian Angels

Are Delivering Rose Petals From People

Coming In From All Over The World

To Be Thrown At The Feet

Of Our Holy Fathers Throne ~~~

A Celebration Of The Highest Holy

Order Of Arch Angels, Such As

The Ten Orders Of Angelic Beings

According To The Scriptures,

Angels Are Beings Sent By God

To Help Humanity ~~~

They Have All Now Gathered ~~~

To Honor God Our Divine Creator ~

The Holy Trinity ~~~

White Gallant Horses Are Pulling

Gold Diamond Carriages Filled With Gifts

And Bouquets With Every Type Of Flowers

Ever Created In The Universe Including,

Bouquets Of Roses.

Angels With Sun Kissed Cherry Wings

Surrounding God And Singing

"Holy, Holy, Holy

Is God Our Divine Creator And Christ."~~~

God's Holy Throne Is Surrounded By Saints

And All Holy Men Bow Down At The Holy Throne.

Nuns Christ Brides Bring Platters Of All Fruit

Ever Created In The Universe Which It's

Sweetness Represents The Purity Of The

Lords Love For Humanity~~~

And All Creation~~~

Rose Petals At The Holy Feet Of God's Throne ~~~

Each Rose Petal Represents Each

Child Of The Universe He Has Created

Animals, Trees, And Angels Ride His Sweet Breath

Singing, "Holy Is Our Sacred Creator"

The Willow Tree Dances Softly On The Breath

Of Our Creator Swaying Gracefully

They Actually Resemble Beautiful

Ballerina Dancers .

Many Mysterious Of The Holiest We Have

Not Begun To Understand,

So Extremely Powerful Is God

In A Divine Mystical Sacred Way~~~

For This Day Is Father's Day Whom

We Honor All Over The World

Silver Platters Of Fresh Fruit

Of Every Kind Spread Out

Embedded Are Sparkling Diamonds

Representing Each Star Ever Created In The Universe

Happy Father's Day

Every Day

To The Holiest And Greatest Of All