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Road Trip With the Sun

Candy has a goddess energy that fires up life and waters the heart. She values and respects her being and is mesmerized by love.


"The moon only shines at night and so does unconditional love."


A familiar silver door handle, I once again held,

Vivid memories rolling, by the soft touch of it.

Oh, the sun’s youthful glow, and its charming stares -

The goddess smiled back, just as confident.

Fresh noodles and salad, on the table for brunch!

But look at those eyes, they’re giving me a hunch.

The sun gobbled down, always up for the run.

Gently chomping my Viet herbs, was I up for the fun?

The taste of coffee, was as robust as the sun.

Bread melting in my tongue, the lights were so warm.

Like those touches I remembered, back in the days -

Pleasant as the rain, softer than the haze.

In deep thought, in beam, the sun headed north.

But hey to the right, made its unexpected move!

Thrilling beats to my chest, I was trying to hold.

Why is this adventure, quickly burning my walls?

Gleefully, we crossed the gulf of mystery,

Moving past the seas, the sands, and the trees.

Slowly displaying, were the rocks on low tide,

Just like my feelings, as I stare at the sunrise.

See the hill overlooking, the Malipano islets!

It’s where the two waters, mesmerizingly met.

The sea that waited long, for the next rain to touch it,

Was handsomely sober, even when it’s red.

Past the stretching white sand, with heart jumping up.

It was the end of the road, oh what a sudden stop!

Though a little dismayed, we started heading back,

Yet the sun’s warmth was solace, I felt it in my hand.

Then the secluded scenic waters, oh what a relief!

The sun had me on its back, and I surely melted.

On my lap it sobered up, with the sound of the waves,

With the chest so sultry, and the face so at peace.

Heading back home, was an alternative route,

Twisted and turned, then it was burning hot.

Stars keep me grounded, I’m grateful for that.

They, too, were for the sun! mystifyingly, turned out.

When I explored the sun, I discovered the moonlight.

The night was still young, and it’s full of delight.

No longer a mystery, the gulf glimmered in might.

It’s the way to the lush greens, and the limitless heights!

The gleaming moon had risen, the mighty sun had set.

Wrapped my arms at the moon, oh the sun was its scent.

Leaned its head back to me, caressed my hair so tenderly.

Did I see both the sun and the moon? It fascinated me!

I now deeply understand, how the moon stills the night.

The more so when it’s full, such magnificent sight!

So enchantingly beautiful, I just can’t get enough –

A gentle kiss on its lips, the warmest hug of goodnight.


The Sun uncovered your flaws, the moon reflected them, the star finds them fascinating."

— Candy Cuanan

"The moon only shines at night and so does unconditional love."

— Candy Cuanan

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